It Is Possible To Make Your Legal Fee Affordable

Whenever you need a legal advice or help, the first thing you should do is hire a good lawyer. The most important during the entire process is the legal fee charged by the attorney, and you should have a clear idea about it.

Generally, in the US, most of the lawyers charge by the hour. Their rates, however, may vary according to their experience and reputation. Usually, legal fee charged by lawyers range from USD 60 to USD 300 per hour. It further depends on the type of the case, and the place where it is to be fought.

Lawyers, generally, do not bargain. No negotiation on fees is accepted. However, there are ways in which you can get your legal fee reduced, and make it affordable. These are as follows:

o First, make sure that you discuss your case as well as your personal finances explicitly with your lawyer. Second, try to convince him for a consolidated fee instead of the usual hourly fee rate.

o Elucidate how your case can be advantageous for him and his firm.

o Always, consider hiring a lawyer associated with a smaller firm.

o Do consider doing a significant amount of foot work yourself for the case. This might reduce the legal fee.

o If you have a lot of legal work, and you are in need of a legal representative for a long-term, you can negotiate, and ask for a fee reduction.

o Convince the lawyer for a lesser fee by assuring him that you will keep all the evidences and documents ready, and, thus, will not waste too many hours of the lawyer.

o When it is the question of fee, e-mails are a better option than phone calls. Do not speak too much to your lawyer when he calls you. Bear in mind that you will be charged even for that. Be short and precise.

To conclude, the fee agreement should always be put down in writing. By law, legal fee over 1000 USD should be agreed upon only in writing.