How to Limit Your Legal Fees

Most of the time, the fees your lawyer will charge you can get pretty steep. However, it is possible to reduce your fees by simply being active and organized. Do not leave everything to your lawyer and say yes to all he has to say. During the entire duration of your case, he will be providing you with a handful of documents including court notices, correspondence, and other legal documents received during the proceeding.

The thing is, not all of these documents require a response from you. Furthermore, not all documents will make sense to you so it is important to carefully read and review every document you receive and get in touch with your lawyer if you have some questions. What can seem plain routine to him can be severely complicated and confusing to you.

Keeping your files organized at home is the first tip on how to limit your legal fees. It is recommended that you use an expandable file holder that has individual partitions for various types of paperwork. You could have many folder categories of documents but the two most important are a pleadings folder for any legal documents and a folder for correspondence such as memos and letters.

Sometime during your legal proceeding, you may be required to complete some requested forms and answer a number of questions. Therefore, you need to be sure that you follow your attorney’s instructions filling in forms and you must also fully understand what information is being asked for. In answering, do not withhold any information unless otherwise told by your lawyer to not answer. If you provide incomplete or disordered information, your lawyer may end up spending numerous hours in sorting through a handful of paperwork, thus wasting a lot of time while increasing your legal fees as well.

You should also make it a point to write down questions that you want to ask your attorney. Once you have compiled a sufficient amount of questions, call up your attorney and discuss them. This can reduce your legal fees since you get to ask a lot of questions at once as opposed to calling up your lawyer every time you feel the need to ask a single question or two. You should only do so if it is an emergency.

Finally, do not try to outwit your lawyer. Your lawyer is a very skilled professional and has done this a lot of times. If you try to hide your assets and delay the legal proceedings, you will only get higher legal fees in the end. Be honest with him. Do not try to cheat.